I Love Someone Who Voted for Trump

My wonderful, compassionate, and intelligent parents voted for Trump.

They believe that his policy plans protect their income (although they do not make over $250,000 annually or anywhere near that), safety, and their religious freedoms and beliefs (pro-life, pro-traditional marriage). They live in an area surrounded by people who think like them and share their faith, listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hennedy (the Savage Nation), and in general have not taken much time to expose themselves to other people’s realities in America. They appreciated his bluntness, his lack of political experience, and tough persona. And I love them.


I spent many hours debating with them (and my grandparents) over who to vote for. I tried to convince them that our Christian ideals may be better represented by literally anyone else. But they voted for Trump and I have to respect their right to do that. I respect their convictions, their devotion to their church and that community, the time they spend volunteering together, the money they donate (beyond the 10% of their income they faithfully give to the church annually), the groups they inspire and guide as a couple, and the hard work they do every day to provide for our family.

I believe we all have many ingrained racist thoughts and actions, myself and my parents included, and there is much work to be done to combat those things. It starts with me continuing to have open and loving conversations with my parents about it AND putting my action where my mouth is by getting involved as a legal observer at protests, financially supporting black-run organizations/non-profits, reading up on the issues, seeking out more diverse communities to go to church or eat out in, or attending ARC meetings.

Additionally, in this coming political season I will try to carry with me a deep sense of grace and forgiveness for those who are like my parents, for their intentions are good and their lived experiences limited.

So what can we expect now? With many people declaring strong feelings of fear, hatred, and concern over a Trump presidency (even among those who voted for Trump), it is time to read up on what we can expect and take action! YOU HAVE {some} POWER AS A VOTER AFTER NOVEMBER 8th. You always have.  Find out what district you live in, who your representatives are, and lobby them hard to protect and promote the policies you want.

While I do my best to summarize candidates positions as it relates to current U.S. Policy in an unbiased manner, I feel like it is only fair that I give you background on myself. I am a white, 22 year old, female, born in a predominantly white middle/upper-class suburb. I was raised in a Conservative, Christian household. I have over $100,000 in student debt. I am currently in an MPH program at a private university. I benefit from free birth control and a quality insurance plan through my parents employer. I live with a chronic disease. I have volunteered and worked for a grassroots international advocacy organization and I care about foreign aid and policy. At the ripe age of 18, I voted for Gary Johnson in 2012 based off of the results of an Isidewith quiz. 



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